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Desert Rose Inn & Suites

Amer & Cindy Tumeh’s first dip into the hospitality industry started when they purchased the Historic Jens Nielson home and renovated it into a 5 bedroom Guest House. They loved the people and the process so much they decided they needed to expand. However, not wanting to destroy the historic integrity of the Jens Nielson home they decided to build outside the historic district. Landing them on the west end of Bluff they started with 5 Executive Cabins and an office cabin in 1997....


Our Client Testimonials

Ana A  Pleasant Overnight Stay While on the RoadNice place to stay when your in route to Northern Colorado. Rooms are spacious with comfortable beds and really clean. They have an enclosed pool/spa and gym with great views. Make sure you let them know if you're arriving late so they can make arrangements to deliver your room keys since their front desk closes early at night. There is no restaurant on-site but there are several good options nearby

LazyV225  “Great location and Enclosed Pool/Spa is Awesome!” This hotel may seem to others to be in the middle of no where. We were enroute from Moab back to Las Vegas and chose it for their reviews and location. Their new addition has an intimate, beautifully decorated event area with sweeping terraces and covered patio adjacent to the enclosed pool/spa area, which I have said is awesome! The room and bath were very clean, and all have a great view no matter where you were! We may not be back there for a while. but I want everyone to know how great this place was! Dining options are the Twin Rocks Restaurant (upscale diner) and the wonderful Cattlemen's, where we had the greatest steak ever, and we were given our bandana napkins to take home! Loved it!
boflood “Comfortable, lovely, and what a  delightful view complete with a swimming pool and hot tub.A place to relax, "regroup," cool off in the middle of the southern Utah desert right near the San Juan River. Very quiet, immaculately clean, friendly staff and the hotel is adding a cafe - what more could one ask?



Located at the west entrance to historic Bluff, Utah, the Desert Rose Inn architecture is an all wood style building with massive timbers which excite the senses with their intimate charm.