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Attractions & Activities

Monument Valley Tribal Park

A short 40 minute drive from Bluff takes you into the heart of one of the worlds most famous and astounding natural wonders.

Valley of the Gods

15 mile drive from Bluff ....VALLEY OF THE GODSThe Valley of the Gods area may be toured via a 17 mile dirt road that winds amongst the formations; this is rather steep and bumpy in parts but should be passable by normal vehicles in good weather. The western end joins UT 261 shortly before its 1,200 foot ascent up Cedar Mesa at Moki Dugway, while the eastern end starts 9 miles from the town of Mexican Hat along US 163 and heads north, initially crossing flat, open land and following the course of Lime Creek, a seasonal wash, before turning west towards the buttes and pinnacles.

Moki Dugway

The Moki Dugway is a a 3 mile stretch of unpaved switchbacks on hwy. 261 that climbs approximately 1,200 feet from the valley floor just past Valley of the Gods, up to Cedar Mesa.

Gooseneck State Park

Gaze at the results of 300 million years of time, where the San Juan River winds and carves its way through the desert 1,000 feet below. This primitive park offers a spectacular view of this amazing and rare geologic formation, known as an entrenched meander.

Canyon De Chelly National Monument

Reflecting one of the longest continuously inhabited landscapes of North America, the cultural resources of Canyon de Chelly include distinctive architecture, artifacts, and rock imagery while exhibiting remarkable preservation integrity that provides outstanding opportunities for study and contemplation.


35 minutes from Bluff ... HOVENWEEP NATIONAL MONUMENTProtects six prehistoric, Puebloan-era villages spread over a twenty-mile expanse of mesa tops and canyons along the Utah-Colorado border. Multi-storied towers perched on canyon rims and balanced on boulders lead visitors to marvel at the skill and motivation of their builders. Hovenweep is noted for its solitude and undeveloped, natural character.                                                                                               

North Wash Outfitters

North Wash Outfitters is the Four Corner's Premier Canyoneering Guide and Outfitting Service. We have great canyons, great gear and we love to share it with everyone.

Wild Rivers Expeditions/Four Corners Adventures

Located near Monument Valley in Bluff, Utah, Wild Rivers Expeditions has specialized in sharing this wonderful place with others for fifty years. Among commercial outfitters, we run the most and the highest quality San Juan River expeditions. We're one of the West's oldest river outfitters, and our focus on quality, learning, kindness and fun is known by clients the world over. Read more...

Natural Bridges National Park

Remote Natural Bridges National Monument attracts stargazers who search out the best places in the world for viewing the Milky Way and other dark phenomena.

Far Out Expeditons

Vaughn Hadenfeldt is truly an amazing individual.... If you want to see the "true" back country he is the right man to have guide you.